Steel Drumming Music Workshops for schools

Steel Drumming Music Workshops are totally interactive, great fun and assist the pupils with many aspects of their musical development. 

There is an impressive bank of 7 tenor pans used in the workshops so that all the pupils get a number of opportunities to play the pans. The tenor pans are the perfect height and size for primary age pupils and are coloured coded so that all pupils are able to access and enjoy playing the pans whatever their musical foundation.

A typical days workshop

The day is divided into 30 to 45 minute slots per class so that each age group gets a tailor made workshop. The class is introduced to the pans and shown playing techniques which they can perfect over the course of their session. 

The pupils play along with specially selected backing tracks of Caribbean classics, party favourites and recent pop hits which give the workshop a real Caribbean party flavour. The pupils have so much fun that they don't realise they are learning and developing their musical skills and understanding!

To celebrate the skills and knowledge that the pupils have gained throughout the workshops, Muziki provides a whole school assembly at the end of the day. The assemblies always have a lively carnival atmosphere with all the audience joining in clapping and singing along and are a great way to round of a fantastic, enjoyable and educational day.

Cost and information

The cost of a whole day workshop is £350 plus travel. We can deliver workshops to schools and organisations throughout Kent.

For further information about our Steel Drumming Music Workshops please visit our other website